Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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Inaugural Address: the disastrous reduction in remembrance of Annie Girardot

finally Few reactions to ads in the inaugural address of government Charest. Review the night here and there with the ESF, the FCSQ, the FQDE, then nothing except a few letters from teachers who protest against the lack of consistency of these measures in light of problems that they live on the floor of classrooms. Forget the Parti Quebecois which may question the role as official opposition in regard to the issue of education. This political sleeping gas shale.

Should we see that the stakeholders in education have become so accustomed to the top of the pyramid orders as well, even when it does not constitute a solution to the problems experienced in the field?

This is still not common that a prime minister improvises an entire program of measures that will cost hundreds of millions in education, measures will have to pay out of current budgets, or interferes with the codes of life Quebec schools by ignoring altogether the existence of the Act on Public Education.

Around me, many colleagues have become downright cynical. Over the years they have learned not to give credence to anything that comes from the MELS, school boards or the government. To me, this kind of stall, revealing the lack of consideration that teachers feel they have about themselves and their expertise shows that our education system is going through difficult times.

Let me be clear: I'm not against mobile phones or BITs, for example. But how the government intends to implement this technology looks like a potential disaster. One would think they would learn from the past with the education reform ... but again, a politician uses education to make political capital. I hope that the proponents of ICT will realize the trick that Mr. Charest is trying to play them.

A small consolation letter of Danielle Boucher, president of the Quebec Association of Senior School (AQPDE) and GaƩtan Neault, president of the Montreal Association of directions of school (FMEA), published in The Sun today. The title says it all: Solutions accessories substantive issues.

It is unfortunate that the world of education is so divided between teachers, unions, school principals and school boards. For once, it was good to see him refuse to be imposing a mode of operation and an array of solutions that do not meet their real concerns.


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